Fiduciary Services


For SME’s and corporate organizations, managing day-to-day finances can be complex. Similarly, individuals may have a hard time keeping with market and economic trends that affect their businesses and personal finances.

At Credico Capital, we focus on assisting business, individuals and their families monitor, grow, and protect their financial assets. Our team is composed of professionals with considerable expertise, experience, and knowledge in the field of offshore fiduciary services. By developing bespoke solutions for our clients, we address their specific needs and requirements. We regularly monitor jurisdictional regulation in order to best structure and accommodate our clients in relation to the laws that dictate ownership succession and taxation of assets.

Apart from wealth protection, fiduciary services can help provide you with the level of confidence required to accelerate business dealings. To learn more about our fiduciary service, reach out to our team today by dialing +97143344652 for Dubai or +442076924837 for our London desk.


At Credico Capital, we have worked extensively with global businesses and have developed an innate understanding of the foreign trade marking conditions and factors which influence certain environments. This allows us to provide our clientele with the most comprehensive investment management services available today. Our specialists will work with you to identify areas of interest and develop capital deployment models for your consideration and closely monitor performance to ensure your objectives are met. Listed are some of the other key benefits for opting to hire a fiduciary service provider:

01 Optimal Use of Assets

An effective fiduciary service provider will be able to maximize the efficiency of your asset allocation model. For example, during inflationary periods your portfolio may require exposure within the alternative investment industry in order to offset monetary losses and maximize upside potential.

02 Workload Relief

If you’re a business owner in Dubai, Credico Capital can drastically reduce your workload. Utilizing our fiduciary services, you can be confident that your company’s finances are being handled responsibly and efficiently allowing you the freedom to devote your attention to other matters concerning your core business. The ensuing chain reaction will reduce the workload of your employees, creating a happier and more efficient workplace.

03 Scalable Expansion

For medium to small-sized business organizations, expert fiduciary solutions provide access to top-tier investments and allow for a carefully calibrated growth rate of expansion according to your particular goals.